Here at Luxury Latin America, we don’t just post a hotel review and then forget about it. When it has been a few years and the place has gone through some changes, we like to give it another spin and see how things look now.

Our latest update in Buenos Aires (following the Four Seasons recently) is Faena Hotel + Universe. This is a polarizing hotel that never fails to get a reaction from guests and that reaction is seldom middle-of-the-road. People either think this is the coolest hotel ever (including plenty of touring rock bands that have seen a lot of hotels) or they think it’s pretentious and annoying. Take stock of what camp you’re likely to fall into before booking here. If you’re the type that likes traditional decor and predictability, go to Alvear Palace or Four Seasons. If you’re the type that identifies with Entourage and shows up to check into a $600 hotel wearing flip-flops, come on in!

“While the forward-thinking Faena is undeniably not the perfect hotel for every type of guest, it has to be noted that it is not exactly trying to be. It unapologetically holds to the vision of creating unforgettable stays for open-minded, creative types who are more than willing to pay some of the highest hotel prices in Buenos Aires for the chance to play in this fantasyland universe.”

So go check out the details and if reading about this place gets you excited, then we can promise you a delightful experience, with help from your personal “experience manager” even. Review of Faena Hotel and Universe.

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