Last week I noted that we had just added a new review of a seaside boutique hotel in Uruguay. Now we’ve added another notable recent opening to our reviews of the best hotels in Uruguay with Fasano Las Piedras.

We’ve had our eye on this one for a while as it’s an offshoot of two of the best-known design hotels in Brazil: the Fasano hotels in Rio and Sao Paulo. While those are all about flash and bold artistry, Fasano Las Piedras near Punta del Este is more of a laid-back country retreat.

It’s not on the beach and it’s not in Punta del Este proper. This is a destination hotel situated on nearly 1,000 acres. It’s 15 minutes from the coast, but a different part of Uruguay entirely. If you want room to wander, you’ll find it here, plus I can’t think of another hotel where the swimming pool is inside a giant boulder. Sure, you’ve got a great spa, elegant restaurant, and a 9-hole Arnold Palmer golf course going in, but it’s the wide-open spaces that make you slow down and notice the little things.

“It’s a hotel that unveils its secrets to you over time, in layers. On the surface, it seems very minimal, discreet. The more you explore, the more you notice details in service and amenities that make you realize that you really are in a high-caliber hotel. And before you know it, you find that the place has at some point gotten under your skin and you have become completely enchanted.”

There are flashier resorts in Uruguay, for sure, but for many travelers who have seen the inside of a lot of those types already, this Fasano retreat comes out on top as the preferred address.

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