We’re heading into winter in the U.S., but beach season is kicking off in Brazil. Over the next couple weeks we’re adding some new luxury resorts in Brazil from our roving correspondent Michael Sommers. First up is a review of Txai Resort, a 40-bungalow nature retreat surrounded by around 1,400 acres of land.

This secluded getaway on a secluded beach embodies the casual elegance so prevalent in Brazil. While there are plenty of wealthy Brazilians in this rapidly growing economy, they tend to gravitate to places where they can let their hair down and put their toes in the sand. So these upscale beach shacks aren’t too doled-up, but they contain free Wi-Fi , iPod players, safes, mini-bars, and silent air conditioners. They’re designed to highlight what’s around though, with lots of windows and ample balcony space surrounding them.

Here’s what our writer, author of Moon Handbook Brazil, has to say about the experience:

“Aside from the beach, the two most compelling places to while away the daytime hours are in the plush beach chairs lining the gloriously blue, never-ending rectangle of a pool, with its adjoining bar (where lunch is served) and at the fabulously scenic Shamash Spa, which takes full advantage of its privileged hillside location. Even if you’re not up for a sauna, massage, reiki session, or yoga class, don the cotton robe laid out for you and head up to the heated pool, where 180-degree view of beach and rainforest will strike you as a Hollywood special effect rendering of paradise.”

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