Buenos Aires, Argentina is one of the most vibrant and enchanting cities on the planet. With the feel of Europe but with a Latin flair and far lower prices, Argentina’s best-known destination enchants almost everyone who lands here and more than a few start to think, “Wouldn’t it be nice to buy a little place and move here?”

Many did just that over the past decade and the ones that pounced on opportunity a decade ago made out like bandits. Those bargain basement days have disappeared for a variety of reasons: a recovering and more stable economy, a rising domestic demand as locals put money into real estate as an inflation hedge, and increasingly wealthier Brazilians buying up prime condos.

Still, Buenos Aires is a good value when you compare it to comparable major cities around the world and the reasons it is a great place to live are still all in place. You just need to be careful in your searching and buying—both in terms of neighborhoods and in terms of navigating the obstacles that can trip you up.

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