We’ve been covering luxury travel in Nicaragua since we launched in 2007, but the boom in tourism everyone was expecting then has taken longer to arrive than hoped. There are a few reasons for this—fear of the ex-Sandanista president’s regime for a start. Plus while there are some great luxury hotels in Nicaragua, there haven’t been many organized tours run by experienced, well-known companies in the U.S.

That’s about to change this coming April. International Expeditions, a company that’s been taking travelers to Latin America for three decades, is launching a 9-day Nicaragua tour that will start April 21.

This tour hits highlights of the northern half of the country: the colonial gem of Granada, the colonial college town of Leon (founded 1524), Lake Nicaragua, and multiple expedition areas. Over the course of the nine days, you visit four nature reserves, sleep next to a coffee plantation, and take boat rides that glide past Central America’s bird bounty. Naturally you’ll have a guide who can spot what you want to see and you can concentrate on the experience instead of taking care of logistics. Not just any guide though: “Nicaragua’s first licensed naturalist” will be with you.

Rates are set at $3,198 double, $3,987 single before airfare. This program is so new it’s not on their website yet, but they will send the detailed flyer in PDF form by e-mail. Contact International Expeditions to request it.

[Flickr Creative Commons photo by puroticorico]