As our reviewer says in the intro to our rundown on Makenna Resort in the Bahia region of Brazil, this is not your typical rustic beach hotel. While most of them—even the most expensive—are casual to the point of rustic, Makenna is unabashedly modernist, with every angle looking like it could jump off the pages of a design magazine.

Whether that’s what you want or not in a beach vacation is up to you. For some, the idea of sleeping and eating in an “art museum on the sea” will make their aesthetic senses vibrate and they’ll take great joy in the right angles and hard surfaced juxtaposed next to blue skies and palm trees. For others, it may feel a bit cold and stark for the tropics. If you’re in the latter camp, check out our other reviews of the best hotels in Brazil.

If you choose Makenna though, you can expect impeccable design where every detail is planned and meals that are some of the best (and best-presented) on the coast. Rooms are well-stocked with all the amenities and gadgets you’d get in a city hotel. Opened just over a year ago, it’s still looking very fresh and new.

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