For many of our readers, the words “luxury” and “good value” are not mutually exclusive. When you get a special experience in a fantastic place, the upgrade is often worth it.

Some people obviously have more money than they know what to do with though, so they have to buy the most expensive option available, whether it makes any sense or not. (How many “space tourists” are doing it for bragging rights?)

Outside magazine recently mentioned in an Antarctica section that the PolarExplorers company can enhance your Antarctica experience for a mere $40,500 per person. It will fly six in your group to the South Pole for a champagne toast. For another $12,000 you can ski your way there the last 12 miles. We assume for that price you’re getting real champagne at the end and not Argentine bubbly.

Looking for the priciest hotel suite where you can spend the night? You’ll have to head to Europe for that, where CNN says the Royal Penthouse Suite in Geneva’s Hotel President Wilson is $65,000 per night. By the time you’ve spent a week there you’ve gone through enough to buy a whole house—even in Switzerland.

Something tells me that last record won’t stand once word gets around the Persian Gulf. Someone is probably drawing up remodeling plans as we speak so they can charge 100 grand a night.

If you could spend $40,500—or $65,000—in Latin America during your travels, what would you do with it?