It’s hard to keep up with all the name changes at hotels across a region, even when you’re covering the industry on a regular basis. So in case you had your eye on any of these for a future booking, here’s a heads up that they’ve put up a new sign on the entrance.

The Tides Riviera Maya is now the Viceroy Riviera Maya. It’s the same company, but despite this resort being by the tides of the ocean, the company considers this an upgrade to a more luxurious name following renovations. The biggest changes are an additional restaurant, a fitness center with a view, and “11 new luxury villas with plunge pools, including the resort’s first beachfront and ocean-view villas.” We hope to get one of our writers back in there soon to do an updated review.

The Marquis Hotel in Los Cabos is switching over to Secrets Marquis Los Cabos. For now both websites are still active and taking bookings, but since the previous incarnation was an a-la-carte resort and the Secrets chain is all-inclusive, you may be able to have it either way for a while. Considering how expensive food is in the Los Cabos region and how far you’d have to go to get to another restaurant on that hotel corridor, I’d go for the Secrets plan. But either way, do this one over the phone to be sure of what you’re getting.

Machaca Hill in Southern Belize has changed its name to Belcampo Lodge (pictured at the top) and dropped the safari-style all-inclusive plan that made it such a unique experience. This may not make a difference since the amount of food laid out before was on the excessive side and you do still get a full breakfast to start your day of exploring. Plus recessionary times call for adjustments. We’ll see though what the management shuffle and rate plan change means to overall service.