With a big drop in visitors due to a natural disaster, we’re still forging ahead and highlighting a new property in Argentina: LUMA.

They haven’t had it so well this past year in the normally lovely Argentine region around Bariloche. Last June a volcano erupted so forcefully in nearby Chile that the ash closed the San Carlos de Bariloche airport for seven months solid—until just a few weeks ago. But then it shut back down again a few days later when the winds changed direction.

Eventually the nearby volcano will stop its burping and the natural beauty of this area will draw visitors back again, including to the less crowded Villa la Angostura area.  We’ve featured quite a few intimate hotels from this area and are happy to add another worthwhile one for you to consider: LUMA Casa Montaña. This is an Italian style mansion on a lake, with just 8 elegant rooms for guests. With personalized service, a terrific view, and excellent meals, it’s the kind of place you check into and then don’t want to leave. A hands-on owner who understands upscale hospitality helps too.

You feel the passion and the commitment that is poured into this hotel. And when they tell you to make yourself at home and to feel free to explore every nook and cranny of the place as if it were your own, you get the sense that they really mean it.

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