Usually when we highlight a hotel on this luxury travel blog, it’s because we’ve just posted a detailed review of it on the website. In this case, the review is coming in a couple months but we’re welcoming a new advertising partner Las Clementinas. It’s a boutique hotel in the heart of historic Panama City, Panama.

We’re thrilled that these guys have appeared on the scene because while we love the gleam and gloss of Panama’s thriving capital city, it’s nice to wander through a sleepier part of town where everything is on more of a human scale. That’s the Casco Viejo section, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. No high-rises here and very little traffic. You can dine at an outdoor cafe without getting exhaust in your face.

Las Clementinas has six large “chambers” with all the amenities you’d expect, plus a kitchen and a sofa bed. They’re like small apartments, with a separate bedroom. There’s a roof deck up top and a cafe/bar with a garden area on site.

Nearby is their sister property, Canal House, which is a three-room luxury guesthouse in a building dating to 1893.

If you book three nights or more a Las Celentinas, they’ll even pick you up that the airport. Tocumen International is way on the other side of the city, so this is a nice perk.

Watch for a combined review of these two properties after one of our correspondents visits in late March. If you’re headed to Panama City before that and your tastes run more to small luxury inns rather than towers of steel and glass, check out Las Clementinas and Canal House.

If you do want something larger, see our reviews of the best luxury hotels in Panama.