This whole Maya 2012 thing could be the greatest marketing coup ever built around a predicted end of the world. Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala are getting a great swell of publicity and visitors. We know deep down that there’s a 99.9 percent chance we’ll all scoot into 2013 just fine, but there’s that nagging little bit of doubt because, unlike religious nutjobs making these predictions all the time, we kind of trust the Mayans. They figured out a lot of science, match, and astronomy before anyone else.

Maroma Resort & Spa, on the Riviera Maya coast of Mexico, wants you to forget all that and relax. Appreciate the culture and history yes, but relax. They’re offering up a special menu of experiences through the rest of the year.

Four Elements Dinner – Created using 100% traditional Mayan culinary techniques and ingredients, this four course meal is served under the stars and on the beach in front of Maroma Resort & Spa’s Temazcal, a sacred and important area according to Maya culture. You eat ceviche (water), tamales (fire), native vegetables (earth), and fruits from the trees (air).

Mayan Spa Experiences – In Maroma’s Kinan Spa has launched four new treatments to honour its natural surroundings. These can be combined with a traditional Mayan Temazcal, a ritualistic treatment which weaves together ancient traditions to leave an overall feeling of cleanliness, calm and inner peace. Once again the four treatments are centered on the four elements, from an earthy foot treatment to a “Mayan Cycle of Water” treatment utilizing the spa’s pools.

Cultural Experiences – Guests are encouraged to visit the great cities of Chichen Itza and Coba, but these are not just quickie sightseeing tours. There are opportunities to visit local villages, join in cooking traditional dishes, or visiting local craftsmen using a traditional kiln for pottery making.

Visit Maroma Resort’s website to get more information or to make a reservation. Follow this link to see our full review of Maroma in the Riviera Maya.

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