Wyndham Grand Bay

There are some Mexican resort that, if they were in some country between there and Chile, would be one of the main draws. In Mexico, however, there are so many terrific resorts that it’s easy for even a great one to exist so far below the radar that it’s almost a secret.

Sure, Grand Bay Isla Navidad gets a shout-out in U.S. and Canadian travel magazines sometimes, partly because it’s next to a 27-hole golf course, but it probably gets 1/10th the press of places in Los Cabos or Cancun. There’s a good reason for that. The closest city, Manzanillo, isn’t exactly a big airline hub and there are just a few international flights. Sure, you can fly into Puerto Vallarta instead, but then you’ve got three hours or so of driving to get here, on a road that’s often not all that scenic.

So many of Grand Bay’s guests get here another way: by coming in on their own yacht or driving over from Guadalajara. Should you find yourself in Guadalajara, this would be a fine beach break indeed. It’s in a terrific setting on a calm bay, across from a funky town called Barra de Navidad, which you can reach on a 10-peso water taxi. Great food, a terrific pool complex, and plenty to keep you busy should you want to be.

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