There’s no shortage of tour companies in Peru who can lead you across the Andes to Inca monuments and Sacred Valley villages. One of our writers just went out with one of the best though: the tour company Butterfield and Robinson, best known for their upscale “slow travel” walking and biking tours.

Our correspondent got to experience that difference we try to capture, the special moments and personalized service that separate a routine tour from a fantastic one. Definitions of “luxury” can get blurry when you’re talking about an adventure tour. Paying a lot isn’t necessarily going to get you 5-star rooms every night and caviar at dinner. What it will get you is better access, unique experiences, and guides who are going to take care of every little details—including many you didn’t expect. In the case of this tour, you get a deserted Machu Picchu at sunset, hikes to villages where you’re the only group who comes by, and nothing to keep track of but yourself and your camera.

That’s the definition of luxury we go by when deciding to run any story making it into our section on luxury tours in South America, Central America, or Mexico. Sometimes that means a couple months go by between features, but we’re okay with that. When you see a story like this one, you’ll see the kind of standards we maintain. See the full feature here: Walking Peru with Butterfield and Robinson.

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