When Conde Nast Traveler published their 16th “Hot List” issue in April, they included a feature I loved on what hotel trends have emerged in that time that were loved or hated.

I found myself nodding along a lot and some of the “Terrible 10” echoed features we’ve complained about plenty in our luxury hotel reviews. So let’s start with some of those. Are there people who actually like these things? I haven’t met them yet.

Hated hotel trends

– The mandatory resort fee: charging extra for things that should just be in the room rate, like gym access.

– The TV hotel channel, which comes on by default when you turn on the TV. Who watches this?

– The wall-less bathroom. Great if you’re 20-something and spending your first weekend with someone maybe…

– Club lighting in your room. Their quote: “Last time I checked, we paid for a room, not a private discotheque.”

– The motion-sensor minibar. Better not move one can to see what’s behind it!

New hotel developments we liked

We’ll say, “yes indeed” and agree with CN Traveler’s cheers for these though:

– The turndown gift

– The pillowtop bed

– The flat-screen TV

– The pool amenity

I’m not so sure I love the paperless check-in. I’d rather have a sufficient front desk staff in place. I’ve also got mixed feelings about the rain shower since it wastes far more water. The celebrity chef restaurant? Maybe, but it depends on the who and where. In Vegas, the trend seems so overdone that none stand out.

A few not mentioned that I love:

– Kiosks to print out your boarding pass

– Free Wi-fi (common in Latin America apart from a few holdouts like the Four Seasons and Marriott)

– A welcome gift for kids (my daughter at the Four Seasons Mexico City pictured here)

– Key fobs that just need to be waved by the door lock to open it

– Make-your-own margarita kit in your room upon arrival (Viceroy, Four Seasons)

See CN Traveler’s full list here: Best and Worst Hotel Trends of Past 16 Years