Belize luxury hotel review

....Kaana Boutique Resort pool villa in Belize

It’s hard to tell from tourism visitor numbers how many luxury travelers are headed to various places in Latin America. The overall numbers include shoestring travelers and billionaires, business travelers and honeymooners.

So it’s always kind of fun to look at our stats and see which countries are getting searched on the most. You can see them below.

Keep in mind this is always a bit flawed in several ways. Our audience is 2/3 U.S. and Canadian, so getting to Belize is a lot easier than getting to Buenos Aires. Also, search engine rankings are fickle, especially for content sites like ours not spending ad money with Google, so results can vary over the course of the year. Nevertheless, here goes.

Belize Luxury Hotels – This page is consistently at or near the top, throughout the year, with readers checking out reviews of resorts like Ka’ana, Turtle Inn, and Cayo Espanto to find their perfect spot in the sun.

Luxury Hotels – For those figuring out where they want to go and where to stay.

Luxury Destinations in Latin America – Ditto, with links to each country.

Panama City

View from Finesterre Suites pool in Panama City

Panama Luxury Hotels – The long shot moves up the ranks as more upscale places to stay keep opening. What recession?

Costa Rica Luxury Hotels – Beat out by Panama this month, but usually near the top.

Luxury Tours – Detailed features stories on tours run by upscale adventure companies, wine tour leaders, and more.

Upscale Travel in Mexico – Resorts, tours, and a plethora of vacation/retirement real estate stories.

Upscale Travel in Ecuador – Quito, haciendas, and the Galapagos

Real Estate in Latin America – More for your money and better weather on top.

This will undoubtedly change as the year goes on from shifts in travel patterns and vacation schedules. Right now Colombia is moving up ahead of Travel Mart Latin America and my recent trip to Nicaragua brought a boost to Jicaro Eco Lodge and Aqua Wellness Resort.

I’ll be in Chile in November doing a tour with Explora, so more to come from the other end of the hemisphere…