Latin American airline

The news came out yesterday that the various brands owned by the merged Avianca/Taca company are going to be combined under one brand. Avianca won out, so the others will go away in 2013. Aerogal will be the last to switch.

I picture a bunch of execs in a board room screaming at each other over their favored brand, but the official word is more market-based. They said, “After rigorous market research and business analysis it was decided that Avianca will be used as the single commercial brand for the airlines that today comprise AviancaTaca Holding S.A.”

The majority of travelers in the U.S. and Canada haven’t heard of any of these airlines anyway, despite the long history of Taca especially. As these various entities have merged or been bought out though, the combined company has become a major force in Latin America, flying to nine countries in South America and all of Central America. In many countries they serve multiple cities.

Also, the combined company is part of the Star Alliance, so you can book flights with points or earn points on them to use elsewhere. See more at the Taca site, which for the moment has a separate link to Avianca.  The two will have a combined frequent flyer program and looks to be much more redemption-friendly than others in the alliance.

This should be a big plus for the countries in Latin America served by these airlines as they’ll all now have more marketing muscle behind them and can present a united front in advertising and at trade shows. With Colombia’s star rising rapidly on the economic front, look for more routes to open up to the U.S. and Canada.

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