view from Casa Gangotena

One big reason Quito, Ecuador gets photographers so excited is that you have a constantly shifting play of light around you. Quito is often sunny during the day, with clouds drifting by occasionally, then part of the year predictably rainy in the afternoon. This means a shot of one scene can vary quite a bit depending on when you’re there.

Sometimes you want to visit a place where the weather is sunny and predictable most of the time. Or at least while you’re there. But the shifting light and shadows are what make other places so intriguing. In the first UNESCO World Heritage site ever designated–the historic center of Quito–the view from one hotel room is a great illustration.

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The photos here are from a 20-hour period in Casa Gangotena, the city’s newest luxury hotel. All were shot from room 206.

The one at the top was upon arrival, when all traces of the sun were gone and artificial light took over. The second is just after dawn the next morning.

Quito luxury hotel view

Above is a photo from later on, when the sun was more intense. Then below is just as the day’s light is starting to fade completely, with the surfaces all wet and rain clouds overhead.

I can’t wait to see what the next six days in Ecuador will bring.

For more information on the city, see the Quito Tourism site. To book a tour of Ecuador, Quito, or the surroundings, get in touch with Metropolitan Touring, part of the same holding company of Casa Gangotena.