Last post I put up a slideshow of photos from Mashpi, a special cloudforest reserve I had the pleasure of exploring last week. But what does the resort itself look like?

It’s not some bamboo bungalow place in rustic jungle style, that’s for sure. Magazine photographers have gone gaga over Mashpi because it’s a hip, contemporary showpiece that looks like it could have been plucked out of Berlin or Miami. Walls of glass (better to see the forest), sharp lines (in contrast to the wild vines and swirling clouds), and hip furniture for lounging in style after a hike. But see for yourself.

Need some more convincing to take two minutes and change out of your day to check this out? You get to see what it’s like to ride a sky bike through the canopy. One person pedals—probably not you—and the other just kicks back and takes in the view, with birds providing the soundscape.

I’ve done a lot of cool things in 20 years of exploring the globe as a travel writing and editor. But this was a first.

Mashpi Cloudforest Reserve

Update  – We now have a detailed review up of Mashpi posted, but see more and make a booking at