Flamingo I sunset

We’ve already run two Galapagos tour stories in the past, but though the animals and itineraries may be similar, all Galapagos cruises are not created equal. This time one of our writers went out with the most eco-friendly company plying these waters: Ecoventura.

As a company that’s maintained Smart Voyager certification since 2000, you know that biodegradable shampoos, detergents, and sunscreen are going to be required and the company goes far beyond the norm with community programs and carbon offsets for their (reduced as much as possible) emissions.  While our writer admits that keeping up with all the rules in the Galapagos can inspire a headache, they’re necessary in such a unique and fragile environment. “If not to bring the islands back to the state in which Charles Darwin found them in 1835, then to prevent the archipelago from being further damaged by human impact,” Giannina says.

Not to worry though, here it’s all about nature, animals, and evolution and the Flamingo I passengers see it all in its full glory. Swimming with sea lions, walking past sneezing iguanas, and getting close to Blue-footed Boobies that aren’t a bit bothered by humans—it’s all on tap in the Galapagos no matter who you ride with. Going with Ecoventura though, you know those animals are getting the maximum protection from our presence.