luxury Santa Cruz Island

Up to now, we’ve only had one property review in the Galapagos. After all, most people tour the islands on a ship and then head out.

If you have the time though, or are terribly seasick, it can make sense to see the giant tortoises and other wildlife on Santa Cruz Island at your leisure. We’ve just posted a review of an intriguing place on the island called Galapagos Safari Camp.

As with the best “camps” in Africa, this one does not involve giving up much. This is stylish “glamping,” not stuffing yourself into a sleeping bag in a tent.

The minimalist mantra of the main lodge extends inside the 290-square-foot tents, complete with wood floors, simple custom-made furniture (designed by the owners) and locally made textiles. En-suite bathrooms are well appointed with hot power showers, toilets in which you can actually flush toilet paper (unlike in other parts of Ecuador) and volcanic rock sinks. The ambiance is luxurious, but perfectly fitting with the location.

The comfortable amenities and tasteful décor nearly made me forget I was staying in a tent—until bedtime, that is, when the lulling sounds of nature filtered through the canvas walls.

Using this as your base, you can explore the main island and take excursions to some of the others that are not too far away.

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