Urubamba hotel

Long before all the flashy new hotels opened up in the Sacred Valley of Peru, Sol y  Luna (Sun and Moon) had staked out a spot in Urubamba.

Over the years the orginal small lodge mirrored Peru’s tourism industry, expanding and going more upscale as the number of visitors increased. Now Sol y Luna has 42 casitas, a well-regarded spa, and a strong tradition of giving back to the community.

One of our contributors stayed here and mentioned the lodge in our feature story Walking Peru with Butterfield and Robinson. Now we’ve got a full review of it. Here’s a taste:

Private verandas face terraced mountainsides with garden views and lounge chairs that beckon upon arrival. And extravagance registers in deceptively simple touches: colorful Peruvian folk art, indigenous woods, hand-painted frescoed murals, and a hot water bottle in the bed at night.

Yes, there are newer and trendier places to stay among the luxury hotels of the Sacred Valley, but this one has been tied into the community since the start and will really make you feel like you’re in Peru.

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