Undurraga winery of the yearA few years back when I researched this wine tours near Santiago story, I had the pleasure of visiting Undurraga winery in the Maipo Valley of Chile. We tasted great wine, we blended some ourselves, and topped it off with some excellent pairings at lunch.

Wines of Chile, the organization responsible for promoting Chilean wine, had its big annual gala last weekend and in the awards they dubbed Viña Undurraga “Winery of the Year.”

Wines of Chile commended Undurraga for “its labor in the development of viti-viniculture, its role in the market of sparkling wine in Chile and its achievements in rejuvenating the category through the ‘Sparkling People’ campaign.”

I doubt we’ll suddenly see a flood of Chilean sparkling wine on our shelves in North America because of this award, but if you want to sample this vineyard’s excellent still wines, look for the labels Aliwen, Altazor, or Founder’s Collection. See more about Undurraga at their website. (In English and Spanish.)

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