Loreto luxury hotel

The scene above is what you’ll see if you walk down to the beach from Villa del Palmar in Baja California, Mexico. Sitting on a secluded bay and with dramatic mountains behind it, this resort—opened in 2011—has brought a new level of glamour to sleepy Loreto.

This area is best known for its abundant wildlife and you can see plenty of that using this resort as a base. Loreto Bay is a natural Protected Maritime Park and as long been a favorite with snorkelers and scuba divers. At different times of the year it’s home to killer whales, blue whales, dolphins and sea lions.

It’s easy to relax after a hike or kayak trip though, with six swimming pools on site and a huge spa with 17 treatment rooms. All of the rooms have their own kitchenette, but there are three restaurants for those who want to just kick back and enjoy the local cuisine.

Speaking of suites, it’s well worth the upgrade here as it takes you from a relatively spacious 645 square feet at the lowest rung to 1,300 square feet going one step up to a one-bedroom suite. That also gets you a whirlpool tub and a washer-dryer for your salty beach clothes.

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