Santiago luxury boutique hotel

If the opening of new luxury hotels is an indicator of a healthy economy, Chile is certainly doing much better than more-hyped Brazil. We’ve noted several times lately that most of the new and notable hotels opening or about to open in South America are located in Chile and the newest addition to the scene is Lastarria Boutique Hotel in Santiago.

Following in the footsteps of Hotel Aubrey not far away, Lastarria is a 14-room inn that nevertheless has a restaurant, lounge, and swimming pool. It also features spacious rooms that are certainly no B&B step down.

Here you have high quality linens, huge beds, classic antique-looking furniture, big windows, flat screen televisions, iPod docks, and 5-star bathrooms. In some rooms you get your own private balcony with sofas and lounge chairs or a Jacuzzi.

The location is attractive and convenient, close to a big park, the metro, and the nightlife neighborhood of Bellavista—a ten-minute walk away.

If you want a big business chain hotel, there are plenty of those in Santiago like you find in most any capital city. But if two instances is the start of a trend, then Santiago is on its way to¬† more personality in its upscale lodgings—fitting for a country that boasts so many of them elsewhere. It’ll be a while before this capital is anything close to Buenos Aires in terms of style, but the opening of Lastarria is a positive sign for those who like their hotel to feel intimate and attentive.

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