We’ve posted our full review of Casa Gangotena hotel in the UNESCO World Heritage historic center of Quito, Ecuador. But if a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video tour should be worth several thousand, right?

Enjoy the tour of the inside and outside, or just follow that link for a description of what the experience is like, including in the restaurant.

As I posted a while back, there are some unique attributes to Quito’s most recent luxury hotel addition. The view of Plaza San Francisco is spectacular and it changes throughout your stay as the sun moves across the sky and then sets. While I was there I took some time to venture out with one of the chefs on a walking gastronomy tour of Quito. That was enlightening and it shed a whole new light on the great lunch we had afterwards. Even if you don’t stay here, try to come by for lunch or dinner as this is a restaurant that gives you traditional Ecuadoran food, but stepped up to a higher (and prettier) level.

luxury Quito hotel

The hotel is situated in a historic mansion, one of the city’s most important, though of course it’s been through a lot of changes to turn it into a hotel with modern wiring and plumbing. Even where the walls were gutted and everything replaced, however, the vibe from the 1920s (when a rebuilding took place after a fire) was the cue for room designs and it all feels rich in an bygone days manner—albeit with nice flat-screen TVs and Wi-Fi.

You can walk out the door and stroll the old city from here or hop in a cab and be at the best modern restaurants in ten minutes. See more here: Gangotena Quito.