homes in Belize

A bit of trivia for your next cocktail party: what’s the one nation in Central America where English is the official language? That would be Belize, which also happens to be one of the best places in all of Latin America for a foreigner to buy real estate. There are great incentives in place, the prices (though not what they once were) are a bargain compared to the U.S. or Canada, and the market has been far more stable than others dominated by buyers from up north.

Our latest luxury real estate feature focuses on Ambergris Caye, Belize, long the most popular destination for both tourists and those who come and then don’t want to leave. The main town on this easy-to-reach island is a mellow place with more golf carts and pedestrians than any other mode of transportation and nobody in much of a hurry. The second-longest barrier reef in the world is right off the shore.

Usually when we run these real estate stories, there’s not much connection to the local hotel scene, but in Ambergris Caye, some of the most desirable opportunities are via luxury hotels like Victoria House and Las Terrazas. Of course you can also find your own private paradise with a boat dock elsewhere, whether it’s something built to your designs or in an eco-friendly, chic enclave with some company next door.

Get a full rundown on the options in our round-up of luxury real estate in Ambergris Caye, Belize.