North Chile adventure excursions

We’ve got a story going up soon on my Travesia trip with explora that ended up in the Atacama Desert of Chile. If you haven’t been to San Pedro de Atacama, it’s hard to believe how crazy popular this area is with adventure travelers. Despite the high cost to get there and stay there, the tourists seem to outnumber the locals in this little oasis.

I’ve updated our article on adventure excursions in Atacama, posting a few new photos and adding some information about some of the most popular tours.

The updates included taking out the “driest place on Earth” description you so often see in the media because after floods and mudslides ripped through the area last year and swept away a lot of homes, it seems stupid to keep calling it that. The floods swept away the infrastructure at the Puritama Hot Springs, but they had just opened back up all fresh and new the week I visited this past November.

At any of the luxury Atacama Chile hotels we’ve profiled, you’ll have your pick from a menu of excursions going out each day. At a small place like Awasi, that may be a handful. At a larger place like Explora Atacama, it may be a blackboard with two dozen options on it. We’ve listed some of the most common tours you’ll find.

One other change that came about from the rains is that a lot of salt came to the surface in Moon Valley, giving the place a whole different look with white crystals on top the ground. The photo to the right isĀ  from a hike through the area after walking through a sandy desert area that was totally brown. No, my companions are not walking on snow—it’s salt.

See the full story here: Adventure Excursions in the Atacama Desert.

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