Panama travelGold info that is. While it’s tempting for many to declare the death of guidebooks and pretend you can get everything you need from a travel app or your social media contacts, savvy travelers know better.

There are few purchases in the world that can give you a quicker, surer return on investment than a travel guidebook selling for less than 25 bucks. This hardcover $22 (list price) Footprint Panama guide is easy to pack and is full of the kind of insights you’re only going to get from someone who has spent a lot of time on the ground doing research.

Author Richard Arghiris has done the hard work so you don’t have to. He’ll save you time, hassles, and money so you can enjoy your vacation or retirement without relying on trial and error. (Or bad advice from virtual friends.)

Richard has written a few stories for narrative webzine Perceptive Travel that are quite good, like this harrowing tale of a Bocas del Toro serial killer. Or this one on decaying Bluefields, Nicaragua. So he knows how to recognize and tell a good story.

More importantly for you, he knows how to get the facts straight and since he’s been living in Panama for years, he knows them better than most. Footprint Panama naturally covers all the spots the readers of Luxury Latin America are likely to visit or invest in, from Bocas del Toro to the Azuero Peninsula, Boquette to Panama City. You get great background info, tips on tour local tour companies, and advice on where to eat and what to do.

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I really like the feel of this book, with it being a sturdy hardcover but being just a tad larger than a mass-market paperback. It’s very easy to stuff into a daypack with your camera like I did on my most recent trip to Panama. It’s a bit over 300 pages, and they’re thin pages, so it’s not too thick.

My only complaint, besides the tiny type necessitated by the small book size (my eyes aren’t what they used to be) is the frequent omission of top hotels in the listings. For mid-range properties it’s fine, but there’s no Valle Escondido in Boquette, for instance, and many of the top hotels in Panama City are MIA. So this guidebook is highly recommended for everything except high-end lodging. Stick to checking with us on that.