Uncruise Adventures

We don’t write a whole lot of feature stories on cruises, since most of them aren’t all that high-end, so perhaps its fitting that our latest is on an “Un-cruise Adventure.”

Our contributor Ellen Barone took off from La Paz, in the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico, for a seven-day luxury cruise around the Sea of Cortez, also known as La Mar de Cortes. The 232-foot Safari Endeavour was no mega-ship, but it’s big enough for elbow room and the all-inclusive plan meant no sweating the bar bill. A true luxury small ship tour.

This is a cruise for observing nature without the chatter: snorkeling with sea lions and seeing whales without people who feel the need to record it all with tweets and status updates. It’s an unplugged adventure the way it’s supposed to be, without technology getting in the way to remind passengers a thousand others have been there, seen that before.

“The Sea of Cortez plays host to nearly every species of whale on the planet: sperm whales, fin whales, killer whales, California gray whales, and the world’s largest animal, the blue whale. On one afternoon a humpback, embedded within a frenzy of feeding dolphins, loitered near the ship well after the pod had moved on, keeping us mesmerized every time it came up to breathe or gave us a flash of its massive tail on its way back down.”

Read the full adventure story and see that, even if you’re not normally a “cruise person,” this Uncruise Adventure off the Baja Peninsula might be the kind that will get you on a boat for a week.

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