alacran tequila reviewI first tried Alacrán tequila few years ago when I stayed at Capella Ixtapa and was high on the view before I even touched any alcohol. Maybe it was the atmosphere, but I really liked it then, only in part because it was laid out complimentary for guests in the lounge.

This brand is only out in a blanco version. I normally don’t drink an unaged blanco tequila neat as many of them come off as too harsh for me. I’d rather sip a mellower reposado that has been aged a bit. Alacrán is changing my mind though: I’ve gone through half the bottle over a couple weeks without ever mixing it into a cocktail., almost all of it sipped neat.

Some reviewers have called this tequila “watery,” which is perhaps part of the appeal for me: I can drink this blanco tequila straight up and enjoy the flavors, without it overpowering my palate. It’s got some juicy, fruity flavors that nicely complement the agave, which is not as overwhelming as it is in many white tequilas. It’s softer and lighter than you would expect from a lowlands Jalisco production.

Quite a few people will probably pick this up on the novelty factor alone though: a matte black bottle with a scorpion (alacrán) on the front. You’d expect something looking like this to have a bite—it reminds me of the old Two Fingers Tequila bottles of my college days—but it’s actually pretty smooth from start to finish.

This is not a perfectly balanced tequila that’s going to make true experts do cartwheels: there are some elements that seem a tad off if you concentrate on them and there’s a little burn in the back of the throat as it goes down. But it’s 100% blue agave and has a good marketing push behind it, so this one’s probably a tequila brand you’ll be seeing a lot of.

I only mixed one cocktail so far with Alacrán tequila, just to try it out, and it was scrumptious for that. At a price point of around $40 list though, I imagine this will have a tough time doing as well in stores as it will in bars, where the novelty effect and promotional efforts will pay off more.

See more at the official brand website.