Cartagena Colombia tour

We posted our latest tour feature this week on the South American luxury tourism hotspot Cartagena, Colombia.

This was my second time in this beautiful walled city (the historic part anyway), but last time I was there for the TravelMart Latin America trade show held at the convention center outside of town and I only got to see the center at night. This time I spent a few nights there, sleeping at Ananda Boutique Hotel, dining at Casa San Agustin and Sofitel Legend Santa Clara, and seeing some blue water around the Rosario Islands.

Colombia is a fast-emerging tourism destination, the crowds returning in force after several decades of being scared away. The country is a very different place now, much safer and more peaceful. In my three trips there, I’ve felt more at ease than I do in a typical American city. There’s far less gun violence, for a start.

While there are a few luxury hotels in the big cities and the Coffee Triangle, the biggest concentration of them are in Cartagena, the real jewel for upscale travelers. Since it’s easy to get there from the U.S. and Canada and the city is studded with good shops and restaurants in a walkable area, Cartagena is sort of a self-feeding ecosystem for luxury tourists.

Having coral reefs and tropical islands a short boat ride away from a colonial city with stout fortification walls is another plus. You can go snorkeling and beach bumming by day, bar hopping and wall strolling at night. There are great outdoor cafes with a view of postcard-perfect buildings lit up at night and you can ride a horse-drawn carriage down the narrow streets of centuries ago.

See the full tour feature here: Magical Cartagena and the Rosario Islands of Colombia.

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