We’re in the midst of editing some new luxury travel new stories and reviews for next week, but meanwhile here’s a bit of news for travelers headed to Latin America in the future.

Direct flights from Tampa to Panama City

The residents of Tampa are psyched to hear that Copa Air will soon be flying between there and Panama City, Panama four times a week. This should be a great boon for tourism and business in both directions.

Best and Worst for Business in Latin America

According to studies from Latin Chronicle, Brazil ranks at the very bottom in Latin America for both the ease of starting a business (119 days) and the unwieldy tax structure. Chile, Panama, Mexico, and Colombia ranked at the top for their ease of doing business.

Soccer Deaths in Argentina and Brazil

It’s not looking so bright for the World Cup matches in Brazil after more deaths at a match. This time a referee stabbed a player during a fight and was then brutally murdered by fans in the aftermath. Meanwhile Argentina banned visiting fans from attending matches last month after a major brawl at one game where a fan was killed by rubber bullets. More than 70 have died since 2000 in various incidents.

Sea Turtle Activist Killed in Costa Rica

A person working for an organization protecting sea turtles was killed execution style by poachers recently. Many organizations have decried the lack of government support in stopping poachers, who sell the eggs and meat to idiots abroad.

Starwood Hotels Increasing by 30% in Mexico

Starwood announced it was increasing its footprint in Mexico by 30% in two years, a big jump that’s part of a larger long-term growth plan. “As part of the expansion plan in Mexico, Starwood plans to grow its luxury portfolio in the country by 50% over the next three years.” The company’s luxury offerings include the St. Regis brand, W Hotel, and Luxury Collection.

Passenger Train in the Yucatan?

New Mexican President Engirque Pena Nieto has announced a major infrastructure project that will make Yucatan travelers happy: train service between Merida and the ferry port to Cozumel, near Playa del Carmen. A second phase would connect Merida to Campeche. Let’s hope it’s for real!