Vineyard tour by horseback

We ran a travel feature before on a tour of Chile’s wine districts near Santiago, but our contributor Gabriel O’Rorke stepped it up a notch by going on a very exclusive winery tour with Santiago Adventures.

Her tour visited several small, but top-notch wineries that get high international ratings and have something unique and different going on.

luxury wine tour ChileThe real kicker though was how they got from one winery to the other. Once by bike, okay pretty cool, but another time by….helicopter! That’s one way to be sure they know you’ve arrived, plus you get to see the vineyards from the air—something not many swirlers and sippers get to experience.

Of course there’s plenty of tasting though, sampling the very best of what the wine valleys of Chile have to offer and experiencing the different effects various microclimates have on the wine varieties.

Wineries visited on this trip included a former “Winery of the Year” from a major magazine, one where they still crush the grapes by feet, one winery using all sustainable and organic farming methods, one making unfiltered wine, and a well-funded, exclusive one trying to create the world’s first 100-point perfect red wine blend. And of course there was food to go with it all.

So where do you stay when you’re doing a multi-winery tour that skips across various valleys in Chile? You stay at a wine lodge of course. There are a few small and rustic ones in the country and on the way is a 22-room lodge from the people who own Playa Vik and Estacia Vik in Uruguay. This tour spent the night in the appropriately named The Winery Hotel though, with a bonus that it was by the ocean.

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