room at B.O.G. hotel

Looking for the cool address in Bogota? BOG is where you want to book if you’re a moneyed member of the creative class.

Colombia has been rapidly expanding its number of hotels for the rising number of tourists and business travelers, but Bogota still only has a few high-end luxury hotels. Until recently, it did not have any real artsy hotel for the young and hip with money to spend.

We’ve just added a review of the solution though: B.O.G. Hotel in the business district, on Catera 11. This is Colombia’s first hotel in the international Design Hotels marketing alliance, which puts it in the same group as lots of hipster hotels in places like Berlin, New York, and Milan.

This is not a luxury hotel in the sense of extreme pampering and fawning service. Rather it’s a place where you admire the aesthetics and ogle the hot waiter/waitress who is bringing you the food or drinks. You get lots of custom artwork, a hopping bar, sleek lines in the rooms, and no gratingly bad music on the lobby sound system. There’s also a real sense of place that’s not out of a chain catalog: here it’s all about gold and emeralds.

“Inspired by the wealth of glitter on display at Bogota’s outstanding Museu de Oro – which reunites the largest collection of pre–Colombian gold on the planet — and Colombia’s role as the world’s number one producer of emeralds, Portuguese designer Nini Andrade Silva dreamed up a concept that was all about Romancing the Stones. Happily, she eschewed over–the–top razzle dazzle, opting instead for subtle hues and sophisticated sheens.”

For more on B.O.G. hotel in Bogota, follow that link for a detailed review.