Four Seasons Buenos Aires

Sometimes even the grandest grande dame needs a little work done to get noticed again. Since Buenos Aires is known as a medical tourism “reconstructive surgery” capital, let’s call this Four Seasons Buenos Aires renovation a nip and tuck.

The Four Seasons has long duked it out with Alvear Palace as the best choice for those who have had plenty of money in their family for generations. As the younger, creative class travelers have become a larger part of the luxury travel market, however, Faena Hotel + Universe and Hyatt Palacio Duhau have gotten all the buzz with the crowd that reads the likes of Wallpaper magazine.

So this time Four Seasons Buenos Aires didn’t just go for a little sprucing up around the edges. They decided to go for a complete overhaul in their design update: young, edgy, and cool. If you’re used the usual Four Seasons looks of inoffensive international furniture in shades of cream, soft yellow, and brown, the first impression will come as a serious surprise.

“The modern entrance now consists of polished macassar ebony, striking silver metal screens, and a reception desk made of South American semi–precious stones in a vivid shade of electric blue. Sculptural lighting reminiscent of the work of Dale Chihuly grace the ceilings, while the air is perfumed by a custom Bayo scent made by the local perfume master of Fueguia 1833. Every design element, from the paintings to the leatherwork, makes efforts to speak to the city’s cultural tradition of polo and love of great design.”

The new Pony Line bar “has private eating areas built to look like horse stables,” and the extensive gelato menu “takes Argentine gelato flavors to their creative limits” with goat cheese and fig or a creamy vegan carrot flavor.

Of course what sets the Four Seasons apart is the service and thankfully that has not changed. You can still expect the same exemplary personal touches, with a lot less attitude than you may encounter elsewhere. See our revised review of Four Seasons Buenos Aires.