Uvita Costa Rica luxury hotel

What gets your heart racing when you look out your bedroom window? If it’s a terrific panoramic view of the ocean, framed by lush green vegetation, then Kura Design Villas might be your paradise.

Perched high on a hillside above Uvita, Costa Rica, near the famed “Whale’s Tail” protruding from the shore, this resort has a similar terrific view as Rancho Pacifico that we’ve reviewed before. But here the view is from contemporary furniture and through walls of glass.

Thoroughly modern and minimalist, this sleek resort is far from cold and unwelcoming, however. You could cal it downright intimate. Not least because with just a few villas placed strategically, you can been seen or not seen as much as you’d like.

Imagine your open–plan, one–room villa as a glass cube with bamboo ceiling and one cement wall harboring the closets and toilet behind teak shutters. Privacy is assured by twin exterior cement and polished hardwood walls to each side, while the third wall of glass opens to a broad glass–walled terrace overhanging the forested mountain side.

Although only a few guests relax here at a time, there’s a great restaurant serving organic and locally sourced food, a bar serving up cocktails, and a spa offering massages. Local excursions head to the jungle or the sea.

Kura is sophisticated, carefully designed, and a major surprise after bumping up a steep dirt road to get to this hidden paradise.

You’ll be hearing about this small luxury Costa Rican resort a lot as it’s a magazine photographer’s dream. Head there and be your own set of models in a perfect setting.

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