Luxury real estate Trujillo

Honduras has been getting into the news for all the wrong reasons the last couple years, but to contrarian investors who are savvy enough to always buy low and sell high, oceanfront property here is looking very attractive.

The Honduras mainland has long played second fiddle to the Bay Islands. Roatan has been an expatriate hotspot for 20 years now and it has also gotten most of the country’s tourism business. First with divers, then with a few intrepid Caribbean beach seekers, then more recently with the cruise ships disgorging the masses for a day.

Trujillo was the original deep water port that attracted merchants and pirates though, the first real “discovered America” stop for Christopher Columbus and eventually a pirate-raided fort for Spanish Honduras. (British Honduras is now Belize.)

There’s no huge rush of buyers coming into Trujillo to buy luxury vacation homes and retirement homes, but enough that there are a smattering of expatriate real estate agents and developers. For now the Canadians seem to be leading the charge and they’re getting a lot for their money.

Foreigners are finding “beautiful luxurious homes on the beach and on the sides of the mountains, with panoramic views of the ocean. The best part is, all this comes for less than half price of what they would pay in Costa Rica or other more developed Latin countries.”

Ownership in Honduras is Fee Simple, 100% deeded title, so no land trust money paid out each year for nothing, as you have in Mexico or Guatemala. Unlike in a lot of more mature markets, you can still buy a nice stretch of beachfront land here for a good price, or get a panoramic view without going a mile up a rutted jungle dirt road that washes out each rainy season.The Tres Conchas development has one beachfront lot that’s 98 feet on the beach by 316 feet deep and the price is…$90,000. Build your huge dream home on that and you’re still way under half a million, the price of a routine two-bedroom bungalow anywhere near the water in Florida.

Air connections to Honduras are good on several airlines from North America and you don’t have to travel all that far from one of the two main airports (San Pedro Sula) to get to this coast.

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