Salta boutique hotel

Often you find a hotel you love in an unusual spot. Kkala Hotel is not in the center of Salta, but rather in a residential area on the edge that limits it to 10 rooms. In a city not exactly known for a wealth of luxury lodging choices, however, it has built up a strong following since its 2009 opening.

Kkala appeals to guests who want personalized service and a design aesthetic where every detail seems carefully chosen. It thankfully breaks from one tired trend that has been such a staple of the design hotel playbook since the late ’80s:

“While the vibe is playful throughout, and the atmosphere could not be more relaxed, it is evident that art and architecture is taken very seriously here (confirmed by the large library filled to the brim with art and design books). Color is used freely throughout the hotel, and if stark whites and minimalism are your comfort zone for d├ęcor, Kkala is not for you.”

The atmosphere is colorful and playful, with a focus on the wealth of art and handicrafts from the diverse Salta region of Argentina. Of the 10 rooms, the two-story apartment suites are the best bet, with room for a family or space to spread out for a couple, with an oversized whirlpool on the terrace.

The restaurant is generally only open for an excellent breakfast, but sometimes the outdoor parilla equipment gets fired up for an evening barbeque by the pool. It’s only a 15-minute walk to the city center, however, or a quick taxi ride. And of course there are plenty of places for excursions outside of Salta city, like the desert regions with canyons and wineries nearby.

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