luxury Rapa Nui

For years now we’ve only had one luxury hotel featured for Easter Island, also known a Rapa Nui. Now we’re happy to say you’ve got a choice if you land on our best Chile hotels page: Hangaroa Eco Village Resort and Spa.

Hangaroa is a tad less pricey than its predecessor from Explora, plus you do have the option there of opting out of the all-inclusive plan. But really, you don’t come all the way to Easter Island on a strict budget and the food is quite good here, so you might as well go all the way.

That photo at the top shows you what kind of view you get from the pool, which is divine. The architecture here blends in well with the surroundings, “with buildings that appear to be shaped by the wind.” This resort is walking distance to town, however, for those who want to do a little exploring on their own without calling for transportation or going with a guide.

You’ll want to eat in one of the restaurants here though at mealtime:

“While Hangaroa places an emphasis on rustic elegance, you will find the cuisine to be simply divine; the kind of service and presentation you would expect from a big city restaurant (not an Easter Island resort).

The chef prepares your meals in multiple courses and in meticulous presentation, delivering dishes that seem to be plucked from a magazine rather than a hotel kitchen.”

There are 75 rooms at Hangaroa, made from wood, volcanic rock, clay, and tile. Don’t expect TVs in this true “get away from it all” location, but there are plenty of excursions and a spa to keep you entertained. You do get air conditioning and electronic safes though, plus nice high-end toiletries in the beautiful baths.

As with the cuisine, service here is probably better than you’d expect and the staffers go out of their way to make you feel welcome after the long journey to reach this remote island.

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