It’s hard to write something new about the Four Seasons Mexico. It’s a luxury hotel that’s consistently great year after year, one that just keeps winning awards and getting repeat guests who are the movers and shakers visiting D.F.—the second-largest city in the world. So this time when Luxury Latin America visited, we shot a little video too.

The Four Seasons Mexico is one of only two in the country, the other being in Punta Mita, north of Puerto Vallarta. If you book direct, you can get a package deal that includes both so you can have city time and beach time. Two more are in the development stage for the future though, so we hope to be reporting on the progress of those next year.

This is one of those hotels that the rich and powerful book by default, not even looking at the other options. This is not because it’s flashy and grand—rather the opposite of that actually. Instead it’s a hotel where the service is top-notch and discrete, where the security is unparalleled for those who need it, and where the details are done right. This is one of those few hotels where I know I’ll be hard-pressed to find things to complain about beyond the things that can’t be controlled, like that construction noise from the bank headquarters going up next door.

The rooms are going to get a refresh too next year, starting in May, which will address one other aspect that some guests aren’t always thrilled about. The room design currently seems conservative to the point of bland, so we’re looking forward to new furniture, bedding, drapes, and colors.

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