Awasi Patagonia hotel view

In some countries we have a regular correspondent living there, so we’re able to check out brand new luxury hotels and resorts as soon as they open up, like the new Awasi Patagonia.

That’s it at the top. It kind of makes you want to pull up Vayama and start looking at plane ticket prices to southern Chile, doesn’t it? That’s one of the “lodges”—everyone stays in an individual little house—and that’s the view you get.

The lenga–wood lodges span 860 square feet and have private living rooms with wood burning stoves, bathtubs inside, and hot tubs outside. Inside, they are cozy with large armchairs waiting to be sunk into, thick rugs on the wooden floors and woolen throws.

Yes, those are the Torres del Paine peaks in the distance, which morph and change throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky and the clouds go in and out.

This latest experience in Patagonia is from the people who made their mark with Awasi in Atacama, at the far other end of Chile. The unique service aspect of both lodges is that what you do to explore the area is up to you: each couple or family has their own driver and vehicle at their disposal. Excursions are planned based on what you want to do, not what’s on the day’s menu board. Here in Patagonia you can go on hiking trails in the national park, go on a horseback ride to a distant estancia, or visit a glacial lake nearby.

Of course there’s something to be said for just taking in the view from a hot tub, glass of Chilean wine in hand, with maybe some delectable canapes nearby to nibble on.

Being a half hour away from the Torres del Paine national park means you’re five hours away from the closest airport in Chile. So you may feel like you’ve arrived at the end of the world. You wouldn’t know that from the food served at Awasi though.

The menu changes each evening with two options typed on a scroll of paper tied up with string. Starters range from grilled octopus (incredibly tender) with mashed potato to beef carpaccio, onion soup, and salmon tartar with quinoa and apple. Meanwhile, main courses include steak with mushroom risotto, salmon with lemon puree and guanaco fillet.

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