Alvear Art Hotel

A lodging company with an 80-year prestigious reputation in Buenos Aires goes a different direction with Alvear Art Hotel.

There are a few major shifts happening in the world of luxury travel this decade and one of them is a changing of the guard in who is spending big money at upscale hotels. The traditional guest (white, 60+, old money, rather formal) is giving way to a different crowd. This one is more global, younger, more casual, and more likely to have earned that money quickly from running a company or working for a start-up rather than saving it over a career of 40 years.

One company in Buenos Aires is taking a simple path to appeal to both: there’s Alvear Palace for the old guard, Alvear Art Hotel for the new. The first is fancy, palatial, and gilded. The latter is…not that.

What’s different here is the modern aesthetic–guest rooms and suites have clean lines, natural wood paneling, and a subdued color palette of ivory, gold, beige and bronze — and the lower profile. You’re not likely to bump into camera–toting tourists and traveling families here: the lobby bar and ground–level restaurant are populated with a well–dressed business set coming to and from meetings in the hotel’s conference space.

This is a sleek and modern business hotel that appeals to those not looking for fine French antiques or the best crystal glasses at lunch. What will probably bring them back is the view. This is one of the few Buenos Aires hotels that has a view of the Rio de la Plata, the vast river that forms the natural border between Argentina and Uruguay. The double-glazed windows let in the expansive view while keeping out the noise and many rooms have a nice twinkling skyline view outside the window at night.

The Alvear Art Hotel is not packed with facilities, but it has the essential pool, well-equipped gym, restaurant, and bar. It’s conveniently located close to plenty of dining and nightlife spots nearby. See our full review of Alvear Art Hotel.

* Bonus – if you book a stay here in combination with other Southern Cone hotels in the BOP Collection, you’ll get special benefits tacked on. These include perks like complimentary lunch, suite upgrades, late check-out, greens fees at Llao Llao, and spa treatments at Singular Patagonia. See the BOP Benefits page to download more details and inquire there or with your travel specialist.