luxury hacienda hotel Yucatan

We keep getting drawn back to the lovely Hacienda Temozon near Merida and keep taking a hundred photos when visiting even though we already have plenty. It’s that kind of hotel. So picturesque, so well-designed, so not home, that it’s hard to just put the camera away and say “ahhhh.”

It’s hard to capture this feeling even with all the photos, so we thought a video tour might help our readers get a better feel for what makes Temozon such a special getaway spot.

Like several other hacienda hotels in the region, this one has some powerful and effective people behind it. From the operations side, it’s part of the Starwood Luxury Collection. Yes, you can use or earn loyalty points here. It’s also tied into the company that owns Catherwood Travels, in my experience one of the best luxury tour companies in the Americas. They not only have these great haciendas for people to stay in, including some that are only open to their tour guests, but they also run a high-touch, high-service operation that is on par with what upscale guests are used to experiencing in far more expensive destinations.

For the most part the haciendas are timeless hotels, without a whole lot of changes and updates from year to year. I wouldn’t be surprised if the lunch menu is the exact same one I ordered from six years ago when I first visited. It’s mostly Yucatecan specialties without a lot of embellishment. Still, we like to keep our reviews fresh, so we’ve just updated this one and switched out a couple photos. There have been a few small changes. You can get complimentary Wi-fi in the rooms now and they’ve succumbed to pressure by putting in flat-screen televisions. Oh, and iPod docks. Thankfully most guests aren’t here to gorge on media or blast their music though, so this remains a mellow, mostly quiet place to unwind.

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