Westin Guadalajara review

Guadalajara is a bit of a mystery when it comes to high-end hotels. You would think the second-largest city in a country filled with excellent hotels and resorts would have plenty of great ones here. Unfortunately, most of them are routine business hotels meant for domestic and international deal-makers who value convenience and loyalty points over pampering and pizazz.

We’ve had reviews of Villa Ganz and Quinta Real for many years now, but have come up empty in finding a third hotel we think would please our picky readers. The Westin got on our radar after it opened in 2012 though, soon after we were adding new ones of theirs in Lima and Panama City. So now our best hotels in Guadalajara section has a trio.

I got to experience Westin Guadalajara on a recent visit, my third to the city now. It won’t wow you with uniqueness–this is a Starwood business chain hotel after all—but it’s a solid, well-run hotel with very attractive rooms. And let’s face it, a lot of times when you’re arriving in a strange new city that kind be kind of overwhelming, it’s nice to come back to a place that’s predictable in a good way. The front desk staffers speak English well. The big TV has some English channels. The hot water works well the pressure is good. You can actually sit at the desk and get work done, in a comfortable ergonomic chair.

This is a rather stylish chain hotel too, with an attractively designed lounge and cheerful restaurant. Rooms are soothing but not so boring they’ll put you to sleep. This being a skinny high-rise, most of the rooms have a vista instead of a view of the side of another building.

The location is directly across from the convention center, which is handy if you’re attending something there. It’s only about 10 minutes to the center though and there are plenty of good shopping options, restaurants, and clubs nearby. See our video tour of the hotel above and check out our full review of Westin Guadalajara.