luxury travel tour Yucatan

What separates a luxury travel tour from one that’s just average? It’s not about the equipment or the van or the hotel you return to at night. As Catherwood Travels knows, it’s more about attentive service and giving you unique experiences that nobody else can match.

private cenoteAny company that came along and tried to duplicate what Catherwood does for a luxury Yucatan experience in Mexico would be set up for failure from the start. They couldn’t match the settings this company uses for meals and events because the best tour company in the region actually owns the hacienda hotels and event locations. Other companies can book guests into their hacienda hotels around Merida run by the Starwood Luxury Collection, but many of the others can only be booked directly as private villas—and any customer that wants to book them is going to be using the Catherwood company’s staff and catering. As for the abandoned ranches, churches, and private cenotes, only someone who has booked with the right company—this one—is ever going to see them.

Our latest tour story shows what it’s like to travel with a company like this and as a jaded editor who has been a travel writer for 20 years, it’s not often I say I was blown away by an experience. This one was special. From the staffers who were always around when we needed anything to the unique locations I’d never seen after a dozen trips to this region, everything was done just right.

We also experienced the ruins of Chichen Itza and Uxmal with real archeologists who have been on digs and made major discoveries, not just some guide who learned legends from an out-of-date book. We saw a shaman descended from the Maya do a blessing at a pyramid on private land after having a delicious Yucatecan lunch in the congregation area of a long-abandoned, roofless church. At night we dined like wealthy landowners from the 1800s, in grand hacindas.

If you’re going to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and are willing to pay for the best experience possible, you’ll have a very easy decision to make. One call and you’ll be done.

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