Pelican Eyes Hotel

We’ve just updated our review of Pelican Eyes Resort in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. This is a hillside hotel with heavenly views, a collection of little houses, two restaurants, and a few swimming pools looking down on the glorious bay.

There are a lot of great reasons to stay here, which I’ll get to in a moment. But they also have a nice yacht on hand that can be booked for a sailing trip on the ocean. So you can see the water from your balcony, then see the hotel from the water as you head out of the bay. Most trips go for four hours, so you can get to remote beach spots where you won’t see a soul. (Not very difficult around these parts, actually.) Some times of the year it’s turtle egg laying season and you may see hundreds of turtles on the shore. Other times, whales or dolphins. Here’s a minute of what it feels like to be out on the water.


The “rooms” here range from little Hobbit houses with built-in curvy sofas and nooks to large villas with gourmet kitchens and two floors. Just be warned that this is not a place for the hobbling or the disabled: everything is on a steep hillside connected by lots of stairs.

The result is that nearly every room has a great view of the San Juan del Sur bay, with the boats bobbing in the water. From the lower units it’s an easy walk to town and the gorgeous beach. You can take advantage of all the bars and seafood restuarants in town, but prices at Pelican Eyes’ restaurants are quite reasonable for an upscale vacation spot. And check out this surf and turf we had, with lobster right off the boat that morning.

Lobster San Juan del Sur

There are other high-end places to stay in this area, with one outside of town and three further up the coast. Pelican Eyes is the only one right in town though, walking distance or a tw0-minute taxi ride to the beach. It has a spa, can arrange lots of activities, and has staffers who can speak English. Except for dated TVs, the resort is well-equipped for travelers with high expectations.

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