Mukul luxury Nicaragua

We’ve been raving a lot on here and our Facebook page about Mukul Beach Resort & Spa in southern Nicaragua. Despite just opening fully late last year, it’s in a league of its own. The only resort you can really compare it to in Central America is Four Seasons Costa Rica (who they share an architect with, it just so happens). Going further north it’s on par with the very best ones in Los Cabos, Punta Mita and the Riviera Maya.

When it comes to the super-long, nearly empty beach though, the only place I can think of that rivals it is Las Alamandas in Costalegre. Here the Pacific Ocean is calmer though, with no riptides. Seasoned luxury travelers could spend an hour or two on this parlor game, trying to think of what resorts can equal Mukul’s golf course in Latin America (only a few) or its spa (even fewer).

Then there are the stupendous bungalows, all separate units, that either have a great ocean view from the hillside or one right by the beach. They’re equipped with everything you’d expect and then some, including a serious ice maker for all those rum drinks, an individual router for the complimentary Wi-Fi (take that Four Seasons!), and two small bottles of Flor de CaƱa rum for your sipping or mixing pleasure. All have their own plunge pool or larger real pool with a daybed beside it. Inside is a shower with two nozzles, a window looking out at the ocean. Very sexy.

The video tour above says it better than I could in words or even pictures. It’s not professional, that’s for sure, but this upscale beach resort is so well-designed and in such a gorgeous setting that even poor camera work can’t make it look bad.

Mukul is a quarter-billion-dollar gamble from Nicaragua’s equivalent of Carlos Slim, a bold move in a country that has certainly not been at the top of anyone’s list for “luxury lodging.” Nicaragua is coming on strong in that regard though and in many ways it is better positioned than its rivals in Central America. The economy is growing, but development is happening at a sensible pace. Low-density resorts and housing are winning out over high-rise hotels and condos. Luxury here has a personal touch; it’s not something aimed at the charter flight masses. Things are moving in a very positive direction and Mukul is in front carrying the banner.

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