Sacred Valley Belmond

If you remember hearing about a hotel in Peru called Rio Sagrado but that “Belmond” part is a mystery, that’s because this Sacred Valley resort just got a slight name change. The famous Orient-Express company has rebranded itself and is going with Belmond.

It’s really just a new logo on the letterhead. In Peru the Orient-Express company has built up a fine reputation and has seamlessly given thousands of customers the luxury travel experience of a lifetime via their train journeys and excellent hotels in four locations. (Formerly five, but they sold Casitas del Colca a few years back.)

Rio Sagrado was not a hotel they built from scratch like Nazaarenas in Cusco. Rather they took over one that was already in the Sacred Valley and did a major revamp.

This part of Peru probably has more high-end hotels than it needs at the moment since only a fraction of the travelers who come to Peru stop over for a while between Cusco and Machu Picchu. That’s not to say they shouldn’t, however. This is a gorgeous area with lots of things to see and do. It would be nice to take the time to relax for a while here at this resort since it’s ready-made for that. Lounge beside the river, dine with a view of the Andes Mountains, swim in the gorgeous pool surrounded by the peaks. You’ll eat well here too, of course, and plans are set up so that your breakfast and dinner are included in the rates. In the daytime, most guests are out on some kind of excursion.

Sacred Valley luxury hotelPlus the rooms here may want to make you linger a while. Our reviewer was especially taken with the shower. “And then there are the bathrooms. The hotel calls them “Swiss-style,” but we’ve never seen anything like these, even in Switzerland. There’s an oversized rainshower head and heated wooden floors, sure, but the shower box itself, encased in pristine glass and creeping tropical foliage, feels open to the sky and the valley, even though it’s completely enclosed.”

If you’ve been hiking around Machu Picchu or on the Inca Trail, you might want to take advantage of the spa, with its full wall of windows looking out at the mountains, and get a good rubdown. Or take the staff’s suggestion and feed the llamas on the property.

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