A few weeks ago we posted a detailed review of Yemaya yoga resort on Little Corn Island on Luxury Latin America. This is a laid-back, healthy vacation resort that is secluded, private, and oh-so-casual. If you can’t truly relax on this little Nicaraguan island with no cars, you’ve got a problem.

We just uploaded a video tour of Yemaya, so see how this collection of bungalows looks from the water as you’re getting there, from the beach, and then in the bungalows. That big expanse of wood decking in the jungle you’ll see part of the way through is the main yoga platform. It’s big enough to accommodate everyone staying at the resort even if it’s completely full.

As you’ll notice though, a huge draw here is the glorious Caribbean Sea you can see from any of the balconies of the rooms (which are all independent cottages) as well as the main building. That open-air main one has views on both sides and functions as the restaurant, lounge, smoothie stop, and bar. Yes, you can load up on antioxidants and vitamin-enriched all-natural smoothies, but your spouse can get a glass of wine or a vodka tonic if he/she is just along for the ride.

That’s part of the beauty of Yemaya. You can slim down, get limber, and shed your stress through your actions, or you can just let the sound of the waves, a hammock, and a few cocktails do it if you want. They’re not going to judge you. Either way, you’re going to eat very well with fresh ingredients and have the kind of photos that will make all your social media followers drool.

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