Quito luxury boutique hotel

We first reviewed Boutique Hotel Plaza Grande back when Luxury Latin America first launched, in the latter half of the 00s. It was the new kid on the block then in Ecuador and marked a major turning point for the city. A decade ago Quito was a UNESCO World Heritage site already and had been for a long time (it was one of the two originals), but the historic center was still not a place where the upper crust wanted to go. It looked run-down, shabby, and gritty.

Plaza Grande’s owners had good timing and good initiative though, because they opened just as things were visibly turning around. The government and private industry both put time and money into cleaning up the center and making it safer. Tourism on the mainland was picking up, both from those who flew across an ocean and those visiting from one or two countries over. Locals were shocked when this hotel on the main plaza opened with eye-popping rates nobody thought would fly in Ecuador. Turns out though, luxury travelers were willing to pay that much if you wowed them enough.

Boutique Hotel Plaza does wow visitors still and hasn’t let up on its commitment to deliver a high-end experience like you would get in Europe or North America. Here’s a video tour of what it looks like inside:

Now that we’re in the middle of the 2010s, this is still one of the best hotels in Ecuador by far. It has gotten new competition a few blocks away from Casa Gangotena, but if anything that additional hotel in the center has brought more upscale visitors into the center. After all, this one only has 15 rooms and the other only has 31, so it’s not like they need to lure in huge crowds of Prada-bagged elites to fill up both of them.

I had visited Plaza Grande Hotel several times in previous trips to Ecuador, eating at both of their restaurants, but this last trip was the first time I actually spent the night there. I was impressed by all the nice little touches in the room, from the profusion of roses that would cost as much as a hotel room by themselves in my country of birth to the little quill and letterhead writing set in a wooden box. With each suite having its own router, I also didn’t have to worry about whether I could get any work done or not before my flight. From the welcome drink in the elegant bar to the bellhop service and boxed breakfast in the wee hours of the morning, they hit all the right notes.

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